campaigns vigorously against press freedom violations and obstacles ;

– helps newspapers in developing countries, through training and other co-operation projects ;

– channels legal, material and humanitarian aid to victimized publishers and journalists.

Through its Training & Events Division, the World Association of Newspapers :

– helps newspapers to increase readership and sustain and increase advertising and other revenues through study tours, seminars, publications and so on ;

Through the World Editors Forum, the World Association of Newspapers :

– provides opportunities for senior news executives to exchange ideas and information about the business of editing newspapers.

Through The Fund for Press Freedom Development, the World Association of Newspapers :

– promotes the growth of free and independent newspapers in developing countries through training and other forms of assistance.

Through its Newspapers in Education programme, the World Association of Newspapers :

– organises international co-operation to encourage the culture of reading newspapers through the establishment and development of NIE activity world-wide.

The World Association of Newspapers has formal consultative status to represent the newspaper industry at UNESCO, the United Nations and the Council of Europe.